Places to go in KLIA2 for Long Layovers and Transits (On a budget!)

Written by Edmund

Have you ever wondered what you could do other than waiting to catch your flight or waiting to catch your transit flight in KLIA 2? Established mid of 2014, KLIA2 is budget airline hub integrating a shopping mall for the convenience of local and foreign passengers alike. Food, accommodation, work space, who would’ve thought a budget airport would be more than just an air terminal? Check out the video below in HD!

The best part about KLIA2 is that you don’t have to run around looking for WiFi! WiFi is thoughtfully enabled throughout KLIA2 and now you can update your status or update your snapstories before heading to Flexiroam (What’s Flexiroam? Check it out below!)

“I Need Food! Where’s The Food!?”

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Quizinn Food Court by Rasa

A popular food court among locals, Quizinn is one place you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for a variety of Halal local food such as Nasi Kandar, Roti Canai, or Curry Noodles. And the best part is, it doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet! No matter how late or how early you’re at KLIA2, Quizinn caters to hungry passengers all day 24/7.

Location: Level 2M-6, 7 & 8

Need to call?: 03-2276 5775

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Old Town White Coffee

Specifically looking for some traditional kaya toast and runny half-boiled eggs? Top it up with a cup of hot, milky kopi (coffee) to complete your hearty Malaysian breakfast! Popular among locals and tourists, Old Town White Coffee doesn’t disappoint.

Location: Level 3- 27

Contact: +603-8061 3159 or

“A bed and a hot shower would be perfect after a long flight.”

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Capsule by Container Hotel

Say no more! Brought to you by the same people from Container Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the new one of a kind sleeping pod made from shipping containers have made its way to KLIA2 to cater to the needs of jet-setters and wanderlusts who needs a place to recharge before catching their flight. Get a pod for 6 (RM80),9(RM100) or 12 (RM110) hours and be refreshed for your upcoming flight!

Location: Level 1 Gateway@KLIA2

Contact: or 03-76102020.

Book Now!

“Workaholic on the move.”

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AirAsia Premium Red Lounge

Need to get some work done before catching your flight? Check out the Airasia Premium Red Lounge if you have 3 hours to spare before your flight. For RM79, you’ll be able to get some work done through their wifi network, have a meal, or just crash on their comfy beanbags before getting on your flight. Good news for Airasia Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed passengers, your access to the lounge is free and for pre-book passengers, you’ll pay RM69, lesser than the usual walk-in rate RM79.

Location: KLIA2 International Departures

More details at the AirAsia Lounge FAQ page here.

“I need data, a sandwich and maybe a banana.”

Flexiroam X

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.05.52 PM.png
Courtesy of Flexiroam

So which sim card should I take? Which is the cheapest? Which is the best? Should I just activate roaming services on my sim? Keep those worries at bay with Flexiroam! Flexiroam is an innovative mobile data service that allows you to roam high speed in more than 100 countries with a single ultra-thin microchip. From only US$9.99, your data balance can be kept for a good 12 months! Need more details? Approach the staff on duty at their flagship store between 6am to 12am!

P.s. Earn data for free when you refer Flexiroam to your friends Sounds tempting? Download their app now!

Location: Level 2- 142

Contact: +60326318181 or

Courtesy of Family Mart Malaysia

Family Mart Malaysia

Originated all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun, Family Mart is no stranger to Malaysians who have visited their store at the city centre. Ranging from hot Oden (hot condiments with soup) to take away coffee, Family Mart is a one stop convenient store to stock up your snack stash for your upcoming flight or to satisfy your snacking desires. The best part is, it’s open round the clock!

Location: Level 3- 12, 13


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Jaya Grocer

Want to shop where the locals shop? Jaya Grocer is a supermarket where you can get most of your personal care products, food stuff and fresh goods (e.g. fresh milk, fruits etc.). If you’re are looking to get some locally produced snacks or food, this is your to-go place!

Location: Level 2- 139

Business Hours: 0600hrs – 0000hrs

Contact: +6 03-8787 8301 or

That’s all for now. Found more ways to not burn a hole in your wallet when transiting? Tell us more below!

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