Hale Healthy Fast Food- Menara Hap Seng Kuala Lumpur.


Written by Edmund

Just like they say, eating healthy is expensive. Which would be better? A bowl of salad that costs more than a tenner or a combo meal at a popular fast food chain that costs almost the same? Usually, burgers aren’t really the things to associate with healthy eating but Hale’s Healthy Fast Food in downtown KL has managed to strike a balance between having greens at an exorbitant price and having cheap, fast and convenient processed food.

Founders of Hale: Jason Ooi (Left) and Jack Chong (Right)

It didn’t take long for Hale to be up and running, serving the city centre office crowd from offices along Jalan P. Ramlee. It was around late 2015 when Jack and Jason, both working in the CBD after returning from London, realised that there was a scarce supply for fresh and healthy food in the vicinity and decided to start something of their own. The name “Hale” is no rocket science and perhaps if you’ve figured it out, it’s the short form for the term “healthy”. In 2016, it’s all hands on deck for both Jack and Jason. Together with a fine dining chef, they’re on a mission to make healthy food simple and affordable.

At a glance, the overhead menu was straight to the point it was almost instant that we’ve ordered what we wanted.

Hale’s All Time Favourite: Australian Beef Burger (RM16)


If you think burgers are unhealthy, you’ve not had the ones at Hale. Stacked together are a wholemeal bun, fresh vegetables and oven baked beef patties made by the chef himself. We love how the beef patty was, fresh and very well seasoned. And the best part is, the buns and beef patties are made from scratch and oven baked! RM16 for a fine burger and some baked criss-cross fries that comes with it, what a gem.

Petit Rice Bowl (RM12.90)


IMG_6451Everybody likes choices and you should try building your own salad or rice bowl. All ingredients are segregated into protein and vegetables. We picked steak and mushroom to go with our rice bowl, topped it up with some cheese and spicy sauce, voila! The tender steak cubes were well done and the steak sauce went perfectly with rice and expect only fresh food and a line of hungry lunch crowd at the salad bar!

png (1).jpg


Pesto Pasta with Chicken (RM17)


Al dente spaghetti with chicken on the side isn’t your usual pasta soaked in creamy green sauce. Hale’s take on pesto pasta is slightly light in texture with a strong mint and herb taste. It’s as clean as it can be so if you’re looking for a good clean meal, you may want to give it a go! #eatclean

There will be times when you would rather stay in to hang around in the office and the good news is, they do deliveries too! If you’re working nearby, they may be able to deliver to your place free of charge. Alternately, you may get your healthy fast food delivered by FoodPanda!



We love everything about Hale: the food, the place and even the people behind this idea of healthy eating at an affordable price. We are privileged to have Jack and Jason to share what Hale was all about and it narrows down to a balanced diet without breaking your bank. We’re missing their burgers already and we look forward to our next visit soon.


That’s all folks!

Hale Healthy Fast Food, Kuala Lumpur

Address: Lot 1-20, First Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603 2785 0595 or team@halerestaurant.com

Want your food to be delivered?

|Make an order here|

Where’s your favourite place for some good wholesome food? Let us know by commenting below!

That’s all folks!



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