Kluang Railway Station: The Pulse of a Sleepy Town.


Written by Edmund

Opened in 1915, the Kluang Railway Station has its fair share of history and it has driven Kluang town to become what it is today. Perhaps if you were to be an Anak Johor, Kluang would be familiar to Johorians as an administrative region of the southernmost state and trains are important trade vehicles of the yesteryears.



Cargos are carried via trains nationwide and Kluang was no less important as a sizeable train station of the day. Geographically speaking, all northbound trains will pass by Kluang and subsequently, the track splits at Gemas into northbound and eastbound. And as for passengers, trains towards Singapore from Kuala Lumpur goes right through Kluang and arriving at Singapore’s Tanjung Pagar Railway Station. Since the announcement of the closing of Singapore’s Tanjung Pagar KTM station mid-2011, all Singapore-bound trains will now terminate its service as far as Woodlands Checkpoint.


Today, the railway station remains functional and commuters can be seen waiting along the platform, well-wishers waving to their loved ones, and also some locals enjoying people-watching around the station. Nothing much has changed here except for some minor restoration works on the station signages and the platform coffee shop.

#overlyattached loved ones are advised not to board the train.
“Ciao! see ya later.”

The rustic feel of Kluang Railway station remains an attraction and the canteen beside the platform are patronised by old and young, locals and tourists alike. It’s no Michelin-Star Restaurant but a spread of charcoal toasts, locally produced coffee, pre-packed Nasi Lemak and runny half boiled eggs will take you back in time.

“Yo kid, back in the days, this was our hipster coffee shop.”

Talk to any patrons here about what’s good at the rail station canteen and they can go on non-stop about the Nasi Lemak and Kluang traditional coffee. We think their charcoal toast deserves a thumbs up too! Butter paired with a generous amount of pandan coconut jam, the aromatic fresh warm buns and these simple condiments are best devoured together.

People from all walks of life and different cultures.

The pre-packed nasi lemak may not look as appealing as it tastes but we think it’s pretty decent. Fragrant rice paired with sweet sambal is absolutely match made in heaven if you’d asked us. Quick tip, the nasi lemak sells out fast in the morning! So if you don’t want to disappoint yourself, chiongggg ahhhhh!!

Nasi Lemak. #TrulyMalaysian

The coffee is not your typical single origin Arabica coffee. Roasted to its maximum, the toasty and slightly burnt taste stirred with condensed milk may not have many tasting notes to it but it’ll be sure to keep you fueled for the rest of the day!

Coffee and charcoal toast. Breakfast for champions!

If runny eggs with soy sauce and pepper sound boring to you, dip your charcoal toast into those runny eggs and taste the mini explosion of flavours in your mouth. Not to mention, protein-packed too!

DSCF9894 (1)
Perfect half-boiled eggs.

We had a great time here taking pictures and roaming around the platform of this station that was once an important commodity to the people in Kluang town. So why not check it out if you’re planning to visit Johor?

Kluang Railway Station (Stesen KTM Kluang)

Address: Jalan Station, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Business Hours: 0800 hours – late afternoon.

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Heading off to Hogwarts at Platform 9 3/4 located near the “Tandas”.

Check back soon!

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