Shell x GoCar Series: Beyond The Pumps (Shell SS18, Subang Jaya)


Written by Edmund

We heard you’ve enjoyed reading the previous segment of our collaboration series with Shell- Beyond The Pumps, so here is another long awaited story from Shell Subang SS18! If you’ve not read our previous write up, you can check it out here!


On the 8th of January 1997, Shell SS18 Subang Jaya officially opened its doors and Ms Zaleha was its proud owner. The Persiaran Tujuan was once considered the backbone of Subang Jaya where the SS18 Shell station was located and have served Subang Jaya for 20 years now. At present, Jufri, the son of Ms Zaleha has taken over operations for almost 4 years and we think it’s all in good hands! Previously employed by the National Post, the Newcastle Business School graduate explains that it’s no easy task to manage the station but everything boils down to getting the basics right such as keeping the toilet clean.

From the beginning of Shell SS18, Ms Zaleha always emphasised that the station washrooms should be kept clean at all times and many who have relieved themselves at any petrol station toilets before will thank like-minded people as Ms Zaleha. Don’t take their word for it! As we speak, Jufri proudly presented a certificate awarded by the local council for their clean toilets. Absolutely apt.

Shell ss18 cert.jpg

The Shell Station at SS18 is a popular spot for the residents of Subang Jaya to bring their cars for a car wash and we were told that at least 80-100 cars are washed each day. That’s when Jufri told us that he plans to build a waiting area where patrons can wait for their cars to be done washing and grab a drink or meal in an air-conditioned environment. It may take awhile until the plan is executed but we’re as excited as Jufri is!


Breakfast Grab & Go sells out fast!

In terms of traffic, the SS18 Shell station sees more of a morning crowd in the week and many would drop by to grab a quick breakfast before sending their kids to school or zoom to work. As for evening, patrons would simply drop by for a drink while refuelling their car.

Nothing comforts you better than sitting on the Ikea POÄNG chair while waiting for help to arrive.

While customer service is their utmost priority, the station’s longest serving member, Ali hails all the way from Bangladesh. After joining the team for 9 years, he speaks perfect Bahasa Malaysia and is able to communicate with customers with the language he has never learned until he started his employment with Shell SS18. As part of Shell’s quality assurance efforts, the Mystery Motorist Program (MMP) was implemented where undercover auditors will go onsite to perform checks and release a score for that particular Shell Station. From ensuring the washroom floors are dry at all times to the neatly arranged snacks in the Select store, Ali and his team are no nonsense when it comes to achieving a positive score for the station (Psst they’ve scored a perfect score in the previous MMP inspection!).


Petrol stations today don’t just fill your car but also fuels you to go further with a cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull. We’re absolutely excited about the efforts that Jufri and his team have done to keep motorists happy on the road and we look forward to the completion of the car wash waiting area too!


So the next time you’re picking up a GoCar at Shell SS18, drop by the Select store and stock up for your journey ahead! Got suggestions? Simply drop us a comment below. Stay tuned for our next segment of Beyond the Pumps! Till then, catch you later.


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