8 Tips To Becoming A Pro GoCar Member!

GoCar Carsharing Malaysia

Written by Edmund

In the earlier write-up of ” Dear GoCar, What Are You Exactly?“, we’ve breakdown the concept of car sharing into bite-size to help you understand what GoCar is. The influx of feedback was amazing and here is another article to help you become the car sharing hero in your community.

We think it’s rather important for you to know because all those journey we went on together were nothing short of pleasant because of your cooperation in making car sharing a comfortable experience for the next user after you. So here’s eight ways to becoming a pro GoCar user:

  1. Book early!

Going on a roadtrip with your mates after a much dreaded week would be a great idea but remember to book in advance. On normal seasons, GoCars located in the city and Klang Valley gets booked out very quick, so if you need a car for the long weekend ahead, book at least a week before your trip.

2. Confirm your booking details.

RM14.90 for an hour, RM99 for a day. If you’ve intended to book for a day but was charged RM14.90 at checkout, it is very likely that you have selected the wrong dates. If not amended, the system will be expecting the car to be returned in an hour and the car will be made available for booking. Subsequently, you will need to return the car and rebook.

3. Replace the “Reserved” parking signs before driving off.

Replacing the parking signs after driving out of the parking bay is the only way to ensure that you have a place to park when returning the car. Locations with parking signs are considered as high traffic zone and there is a very high chance of unauthorized vehicles parking at the GoCar parking bay if the “Reserved” parking sign is not replaced. And if you’re heading to the gym, treat it as your lifting warm-up. #doyouevenlift?

4. Avoid eating and drinking in the vehicle.

We understand that there will be times when you will need to grab a bite in the car and that’s okay. If you have to, ensure that food crumbs, food wrappers and bottles must be removed when returning the vehicle. Don’t want creepy crawlies to hitch a ride don’t ya?

5. Refuel adequately.

If you’re picking up a GoCar at one of the Shell locations, you can now refuel and return at the same time. Remember to refuel to the initial level of fuel to avoid penalty charges.

6. Be punctual.

Imagine having to rush for a meeting and to find the car you have booked has not been returned. Car sharing means lots of savings and being courteous to your fellow members too. Remember, it’s a joint effort!

7. Parking your GoCar at the right spot.

Whether you are heading to grab lunch or just returning your GoCar, it is very important that you park only at authorised parking bays. When a vehicle is clamped or penalised for unauthorised parking bay, GoCar spends an average of RM100 to RM150 per offence to retrieve the vehicle. If it is proved to be a user’s fault, the charge may be passed on the user.

8. Complete session adequately on the app.

Ending your session on the app is really easy! Once you are ready to return your GoCar, simply park it back at the designated GoCar parking bay and tap “End Session” on your app. Remember to lock the key box before leaving the vehicle too! It’s really important that you complete all onscreen instructions to ensure the safety of the GoCar in your community and prevent unauthorised use of GoCar.

Let’s make car sharing a great experience for your community! #TakeGoCar

Happy sharing!

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