New Kid On The Block: Nissan X-Gear


Written by Edmund

We thought the Nissan Almeras are a great people-mover for a sedan in its class but may not be big enough to ferry your Ikea flatpacks, so we’ve decided to bring in a crossover SUV to the fleet. Introducing the X-Gear, the 5-seater SUV is versatile, drives like a sedan, and ferries your cargo like a minivan.

xgear 3

Be it for a trip with the fam or impulse purchases at the blue Swedish warehouse, your family, luggage and flat packs are coming with you, in the same car.

xgear 1.png

The configuration of the car is pretty much like the Nissan Almera except you get a better cargo space. It’s as easy to drive and it’s automatic transmission too! Though the X-Gear is a wee bit bigger and heavier, thanks to its responsive gearbox, your drive would be nothing less than pleasurable.

xgear 4

xgear stereo.png

If you fancy listening to your own playlist for the road trip ahead, the stereo supports aux cable input for your driving pleasure. What we love about the car as a passenger is that you can rest your legs nicely on the floor due to the lower bump if you’re sitting in the middle. In terms of space, your long journeys are now even more comfortable with the leg rooms and head space is roomier than usual.

At the moment, the Nissan X-Gear is available at KLIA and KLIA 2! So if you’re looking for cheap car rental in KL or car rental in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, take GoCar!

Quick Fact Sheet:

Capacity: 5 persons with luggage space.

Pickup point: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA and KLIA2).

Fuel Type: Petrol (RON95)

Rates: RM16.90 per hour & RM169.00 per day (24 hours)

New to GoCar? you pay only RM84* on the first day and travel anytime when you use the promo code “NEWTOGOCAR” from now to 26 October 2017.

*Effective 1 May 2017 onwards, our rates are subject to 6% GST. T&Cs apply.

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