5 Occasions GoCar Can Save Your Day

Written by Edmund

1. When you need a bigger car for your next adventure.

There will be times when we need that extra space. Whether more cargo space or cabin space, we’ve got the right one for you. For people carrier, the Nissan Grand Livina is what you are looking for. The compact 7-seater SUV has been proven to be fuel economy despite its larger body and it drives like our Nissan Almera! Or if you’re just up for our classic, the spacious legroom in our Nissan Almera is sure to provide you and your passengers a comfortable journey.

2. When your car gives you lemons.

GoCar is not just for those without a car. There will be times when your car need a time out and just because of that, doesn’t mean you need to let go of all your plans for the day! Send your car to your mechanic and continue seizing the day with GoCar. Whether if it’s just for a few hours or on a long term, we’ll keep you going!

3. When you need to make a trip to Ikea.

For the times when you need to get extra storage for your ever expanding collection of clothes, our Nissan X-Gear SUV is your Ikea buddy. Fold down the seats behind and save on delivery costs, and also because you can’t wait to assemble that new chest drawer.

4. When you need a car for your first date.

It’s frustrating to move around without a car especially when you’re going on a date. For RM14.90 per hour or RM99 per day, the Nissan Almera can be your ultimate wingman. Never worry again about those peak hour surges because you pay a flat rate. The aux cable port also means now you can play your playlist while driving with your other half. Impress him/her with your taste in music!

5. When you’re not feeling the public transport.

Just one of those days, all you want to do is to have some space and peace commuting to and from work. Put on your favourite Spotify playlist and unwind in your personal GoCar space. No rush hour crowds pushing you around and that one sweaty passenger to ruin your day. Just you in our Nissan Almera, driving home in peace.

Looking to rent a car in KL or an economy car rental in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur?Use GoCar for only RM14.90*/hour or RM99*/day for the Nissan Almera! New to GoCar? You pay only RM84* on the first day and travel anytime when you use the promo code “NEWTOGOCAR” from now to 26 October 2017.

*Effective 1 May 2017 onwards, our rates are subject to 6% GST. T&Cs apply.

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