Comfort Japanese-Inspired Meals: GoCar visits Kohi Yatta!

Kohi Yatta Coffee

Written by Edmund

Serving comfort food and coffee since late June, Kohi Yatta is established in an unsuspecting lot along Jalan Sungai Besi. Operating under the banner of Yatta Group, founder Ms Carol Wong manages the daily operations of Kohi Yatta and has a dedicated team to support her day-to-day tasks at the café.

Carol on the Kohi Yatta Culture and Concept

Kohi Yatta Owner Carol“My job is to let them (the team) achieve what they have set their eyes upon. That’s my job.”

Carol herself was from the automotive industry and having great mentors back in the days mean she could bring it to her team at Kohi Yatta. Nothing comes easy but she emphasised to put your heart and soul to achieve what you set your eyes on, and we couldn’t agree more.

Kohi Yatta Barista

“Our baristas make more than 20 cups of coffee to practice”, she quipped. When asked about putting into consideration economic efficacy, Carol said all these are necessary, looking at it on a long term. “Regardless the expense, my job is to get enough money to train the team,” Carol added.

Kohi Yatta Kuala Lumpur

“Kohi” means coffee and “Yatta” simply means “Yay!” in Japanese. Good vibes promised and everyone is sure to have a good time including your toddler! This space is meant for a great family hangout where the young ones have a play area at the side and baby snacks are free.

Kohi Yatta Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Kohi Yatta Child Friendly Cafe in Kuala LumpurChildren Friendly Cafe Kuala Lumpur Kohi Yatta

For all Mazda owners who bring their car to the service centre, Kohi Yatta beats any service centre waiting areas anytime. Dine in, have a cuppa, or get some work done on the go since power sockets are an abundance here.

Kohi Yatta Cafe Kuala Lumpur 1Kohi Yatta Cafe Kuala Lumpur 2

Digging In: Mains

Kohi Yatta Coffee in Kuala Lumpur

Japanese Food in Kuala Lumpur

And so after the insightful chat, it was time to dig in! The soft pastel colours on the wall and the warm ambience create a great environment to sit back and enjoy our food and we certainly did have a great time. We were treated to a spread of great Japanese-inspired food and trust us, we’re salivating as we’re writing this.

For this segment of #GoCarEats, you’re up for a good read as we decided to give a special twist to our review of KL’s latest buzz in the café scene. We got Joelle, our Marketing Executive and a food lover, on board to weigh in as well. Read on and enjoy our review of Kohi Yatta!

Japanese Food in Kuala LumpurIMG_9916

First up, the Yuzu Katsu Udon (RM26) is a dish of infused Japanese citrus Udon cooked with Shitake mushrooms, topped with juicy deep fried chicken cutlet and tobiko (fish roe). 

What Edmund loved: The well-flavoured udon with a slightly chewy texture.

What Joelle loved: Marrying udon and chicken katsu, two basic ingredients of Japanese cuisine, in a dish have never been done better. The citrus-infused udon complements the chicken katsu, giving the dish a zesty taste to keep you going until the last bite.

Japanese Food in Kuala LumpurJapanese Food in Kuala Lumpur

The Crispy Kani Burger (RM26) did not disappoint. The soft shell crab sandwiched between a sunny side up egg, tomato chutney, coriander and buns. Served together with a generous portion of edamame and fries, price is definitely keen.

What Edmund loved: The fresh crispy soft shell crab that is is deep fried to perfection. The mouthfeel was nothing short of pleasurable and oil control is commendable.

What Joelle loved: The burger comes with a side of homemade fries and edamame to add a healthy aspect to a fast food meal. Perfect for a long lunch, too! (Note: we were so busy devouring in everything else but the burger, but the soft shell crab was still crispy when we came back to it. That’s how you know it’s a good burger.)

Japanese Food in Kuala Lumpur

The most familiar dish on the menu, Teriyaki Chicken (RM20) is one of those dishes you consider as comfort food. Served with potato gratin, the adequately-flavoured grilled teriyaki chicken thigh glazed with honey shoyu sauce is a must try.

What Edmund loved: A rather sizeable, well-seasoned solid meat.

What Joelle loved: Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of grilled chicken. The highlight is actually the potato gratin, which has the right amount of richness in cream and cheese that you’ll let out a happy sigh when a forkful of it melts in your mouth.


For those who want something light but wholesome, the Sakana Rice Bowl (RM19) topped with sashimi, egg, nori flakes, edamame, tomatoes and pickled daikon is a celebration of colours in a bowl. 

What Edmund loved: The sauce that went along with the rice complemented everything really well and super fresh condiments.

What Joelle loved: Poké bowls may be overrated, but everyone can agree with its simplicity. This is comfort food for any day.

Japanese Food in Kuala Lumpur

Feeling salad? The Tuna Tataki Salad (RM15) is a mix of green corals, tomatoes, roasted pumpkin and shallots, topped with sesame seared tuna with lemon dressing that shouldn’t be missed out on.

What Edmund loved: The super fresh, slightly seasoned tuna chunks. The lemon dressing makes everything appetising as well.

What Joelle loved: A good appetiser for sharing around the table! (Tip: eat the tuna sparingly as every portion comes with about 4 thick slices.)

Japanese Food in Kuala LumpurIMG_9948

Don’t even get us started on the Chicken Karaage (RM12). Served with wasabi mayo dip, the juicy and tender fried chicken is as good as it gets. 

What Edmund loved: Portion is made to share among 4 people. 10/10 would order a second one.

What Joelle loved: The chicken are juicy, tender, and lightly coated with batter. Honestly, no one can ruin fried chicken. ‘Nuff said.

Good Coffee in Kuala LumpurGood Coffee in Kuala Lumpur

Just like any coffee shops out there, judge them by their hand-brewed coffee. The team at Kohi Yatta has absolutely outdone themselves, and the barista on duty took the time to explain to us about the origin and the tasting notes of our coffee.

Briefly, our Kenya Nyeri Kiamururu coffee is processed by a cooperative where farmers gather all their cherries for processing. Due to high costs, the farmers were not able to process those coffee cherries themselves hence, the Kiawamururu is the cooperative factory that they go to for wet processing of coffee cherry fruits. 

As for tasting notes, the natural sweetness with a hint of berry acidity makes it suitable for everyone to sample, regardless your preferences.


For non-caffeine enthusiasts, this is the real deal. The Fuyu Hana Ocha (RM12) is a special brewed black tea with passion fruit, garnished with kyūri (Japanese cucumber). 

What Edmund loved: They had the sugar under control and we would think that this is a great thirst-quencher. Absolutely refreshing.

What Joelle loved: You know a cold brew tea is good when a caffeine junkie like me considers making a pass on coffee just for this.


Kohi Yatta’s Matcha Latte (RM13) is made from Niko Neko Matcha. If milky Matcha Latte is your cup of tea, you’re in for a treat.

What we both loved: Sugar-free!

The Fun Part: Dessert

Pancakes in Kuala Lumpur

You know what they say about forever having space for desserts no matter how stuffed you are? Be prepared to be tempted with the Grand Emperor (RM15). Look no further for pancakes because this 3-layered oat pancakes with cinnamon apple, caramelised bananas, berries and topped with their original salted whipped cream is a pancake game changer.


What Edmund loved: The oat pancakes are less fluffy compared to the usual pancakes but the earthy flavour complemented with maple syrup and salted whipped cream brings your pancake perspectives to a whole new level. For RM15, this pancake can be shared among 3 people and it’s worth every penny!

What Joelle loved: The Grand Emperor tastes as magnificent as it sounds. The cream of the crop is, of course, their salted whipped cream that gives character to their pancakes. It may not be a bad idea to have this for breakfast instead.


Behold, The Empress (RM18)! This is a variation of their Emperor 3-layered oat pancakes except, it comes with lemon poppy curd and lychee topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream from Inside Scoop.


What Edmund loved: How their pancakes are so solid and filling! So if you’re thinking of having just pancakes for lunch or dinner, you have our blessings.

What Joelle loved: The fact that the pancakes are made of oat and topped with fruits takes away the sinful part of dessert, which is usually sugar, and lets you indulge guilt-free.


Overall, Kohi Yatta is a great space to chill and relaxed while getting your Mazda serviced next door or just to hang out with your mates. Prices are keen and not to mention their commendably hospitable service crew. We certainly feel the warmth here!

Their value-for-money lunch sets and one-for-one coffee promotion is something you might want to check out during your visit to Kohi Yatta too!

double bowl_double bowlone for one_buy 1, free 1

That’s all for our visit to Kohi Yatta. So if you’re looking to cafe-hop in KL this weekend, we think you should add Kohi Yatta to the list too.

Kohi Yatta by Yatta Group

Lot 4, Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.


Opened all week long: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Be right back!


Visuals by Edmund

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