6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Hale Fast Food.

Written by Edmund

1. It’s fast food, but it’s healthier!


To be honest, we don’t hear often about people associating burgers with healthy living. The stereotype of greasy processed meat patty somewhat paints the fast food industry as such, but we think we’ve found an exception!

Sandwiched in between their homemade wholemeal burger buns is a meat patty made from scratch and grilled to perfection. And there you have it, healthy burgers!

2. Crisscross fries are the bomb

If there’s one type of fries that you should have on a diet, Hale’s fries aren’t the typical ones you find in a fast food chain. As crunchy as it gets, their baked crisscross fries are second to none and way lesser oil too! Did we mention that it comes together with your burger?

3. You don’t have to pick it up off the counter


How magical it is to have food delivered right to your doorstep! Forget about the distance and parking because you can now order Hale’s healthy fast food meal online via Food Panda or Hale’s official website for a minimal fee. No more going through traffic for lunch.

4. Curry made without coconut milk

What is curry without santan? A healthier curry of course! Being on a strict diet doesn’t mean you must forego your obsession with curry. The curry rice here at Hale Fast Food is made with milk instead of coconut milk, that means you’ll still have a creamy and thick-textured curry! #winninginlife

5. Healthy food isn’t always expensive

png (1)

For as low as RM17, you’ll be able to score yourself a premium rice box and RM19 for burgers. Homemade burger buns, 100% premium beef patties and all made from scratch, it’s a pretty good deal innit?

6. It’s HALAL!

All ingredients are sourced from HALAL-certified suppliers so everyone can enjoy the Hale Fast Food goodness.

So dine in or have your food delivered, let us know how was your experience at Hale Fast food!

|I Want My Food Delivered|

Hale Fast Food Kuala Lumpur

Lot 1-20, First Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours:
Monday to Friday : 730am – 800pm
Saturday : 730am – 300pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Contact: team@halerestaurant.com or +603-2785 0595.

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