60 Years On, How Has Modern Urban Mobility Changed The Way Kuala Lumpur Move.

Written by Edmund

During the years of our forefathers, the simple transportation landscape in Kuala Lumpur is one of the efficient ways to get around town. Mini buses were KL’s very own Routemasters (except they were pink!) and bicycles are common. 60 years have passed and to suit the rapid development of the city and now, Kuala Lumpur demands a stronger and integrated urban mobility system. Mobility sparks growth, and to feed the demands, the unhealthy trend of motor vehicle ownership has steeply increased, contributing to traffic congestions and environmental issues.

The Issue

It’s inevitable that increased motor vehicle presence on the road has caused much traffic inconvenience and environmental issues, despite efforts to encourage the use of public transport. Truth is, we all value convenience and when we want something, we want it almost instantly. Taking the train isn’t exactly what you want when you’re running late for a meeting and neither it is convenient to bring along a family of 5 to your family vacation destination. Having said all these, some might not even have easy access to the LRT or bus stations.

The Booming of the Collaborative Market in Malaysia

Still somewhat unfamiliar to many, the sharing economy plays a significant part in today’s urban mobility system and chances are, you might not even be aware that the service you are using is a product of it. The sharing economy is an interesting concept where hardly anyone owns anything but you still have access to things like cars and houses or even services!


In recent years, ride-sharing services such as Grab has made many contributions to the cause of collaborative market. Just because you don’t have a car, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move around. The best thing about ride-sharing services is that you have the luxury of going around town without hiring a professional driver and purchasing a car. It creates a healthy ecosystem as the cars are made into income generating machines compared to the ones sitting idle in the parking bay from 9 to 5.

Bike Sharing

Just recently, dockless bike sharing service has taken Klang Valley by storm and we realised how convenient it is to have bicycles available in a neighbourhood. Be it just to make a one way trip to the nearby LRT station or to grab a quick lunch at the nearby mamak, oBike provide bicycles for public use at only RM1 for 15 minutes. How affordable is that!

Car Sharing

Years ago, hardly anyone knew how car sharing works and what the fancy term entails. It’s something like car rental except way cooler! Imagine having your car locked and unlocked by the app, no deposits, and you pay for only what you use (even if it’s just for an hour). GoCar allows you to sign up, book a car, lock and unlock the vehicle all through the tap of a finger. The best thing is, it’s accessible 24/7 so technically, it’s almost like having your own car, except you pay way lesser too. The cost of car ownership leaves owners in debts and chances are, maintenance isn’t cheap too. Think about driving without the guilt of overdue repayments and maintenance cost. That’s car sharing.


Putting the components of the sharing economy mentioned above with the recent integration of MRT lines, moving around has become more seamless and it is expected that a whopping number of 160,000 cars on the road would be reduced subsequently. You can use bike sharing services to make one-way trips to the train station and a GoCar when exploring a new area or if you need to travel a distance. With a rather complete urban mobility system available today, we’re pretty confident that car ownership can now be delayed or even reconsidered. Don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Think it’s not possible? Do check out how we’ve travelled for a day taking the MRT, oBike and GoCar here!

Looking for a budget car rental in Kuala Lumpur or a car rental in KL? Take GoCar! Want a GoCar to be deployed near you? Simply drop us a comment below or fill in the Google Form, and you can win FREE 2-hour GoCar rental if your location is chosen!

Check back soon and Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

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