We Have 100 GoCars On The Road!


Written by Joelle Chew

As we are celebrating a big milestone this week, we would like to take a walk down memory lane and look back at how far we have come.

Our story started with one man, one Perodua Viva, and an ambition to transform the transportation landscape in Malaysia.

In 2015, our founder, TJ Tan realised how inconvenient renting a car is in Malaysia during his annual visit back home. After living and working in Sydney for almost 10 years, TJ decided to return home and embark on a mission to evolutionise our local transportation landscape   by introducing the car sharing concept.

Voilà! That was how GoCar came about.

GoCar started out with a Perodua Viva at Shaftsbury Residences (which is one of our popular locations today), and soon enough we received too many requests for one car to accommodate. After the acquisition by Mayflower Car Rental last February, we watched the number of cars in our fleet grow from tens to a hundred, serving from 50 to 13,000 GoCar members at any time of the day the reservation is made.

Fast forward to where we are today. Now, we have 100 GoCars on the road and over 50 locations across Klang Valley and Langkawi!

We could not have done it without our car sharing community  GoCar members, location partners, business partners, friends, families, people who believe in the sharing economy. We want to thank you for joining us on this journey to reduce cars on the road, change mindsets about car ownership, and evolutionise public commute and urban mobility in Malaysia.

As 2017 is coming to an end, we are paving way to make more things happen next year. Our plans include introducing GoCar to urban cities in other states in Malaysia, placing GoCars at new areas within Klang Valley, and getting different types of cars in our fleet to provide versatility for your trips.

Have suggestions? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you would like to see from GoCar next.

Thank you for your continual support and effort to #TakeGoCar!

13 Replies to “We Have 100 GoCars On The Road!”

  1. actually, we want to have a flexibility car rent. we r sarawakian, so we want a car from airport pickup, but from the app, u couldnt make it.


  2. booking your car without the need to return to the same location will see a huge increase in your sales immediately ! this should be done and it will get the support of the city Mayor as this would also reduce traffic jam tremendously !


    1. Hi Yoke Kee, exactly and you’re right! Thanks for your constructive suggestion =)

      The bigger picture of car sharing is to eventually reduce car ownership and yes, it will definitely reduce the traffic jam as the public will tend to rely on the shared mobility. And for car sharing, that’s where GoCar comes in. Dropping off in a different location will be a huge project for us as it involves a lot of parties especially the government. We always strive to make GoCar better for our members. We listen and try to get constant constructive feedback. It will be great if you have someone in the city council to introduce to us, we would love to have a chat with them. Feel free to drop us an email at hello@gocar.my. Thanks, much and have a great week ahead, Yoke Kee!


  3. Hi, I have registered as GoCar member since September but never book any reservations before. Am I still entitled to get first time discount? My preference is Nissan X gear and Renault Captur. Look like X gear is not available currently?
    Please advice.


    1. Hi Charlie, thanks for reaching out. Since you have not booked a GoCar before, you are still entitled to a first-time member discount. Just apply promo code “GET15OFF” to enjoy RM15 Off your first GoCar rental. Speaking of Renault Captur, we are running a huge promo now. Instead of RM18.90 per hour or RM189 per day, if you book from now to 20 December, you will be enjoying RM16.90 per hour or RM149 per day and travel anytime you wish! =) For more information on the promo, check out our blog post here. While for X-Gear, you may find the car at MUV Jalan Putra, Kuala Lumpur in our app. Hope this clarifies! Have a good weak ahead, Charlie!


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