#HumansOfGoCar: Vincent Kok

Vincent Kok

Written by Stephen

“I’m a car-person. I’ve had 10 cars so far, throughout my lifetime, ranging from Italian cars to German cars; and of course, the requisite of having Malaysian cars. It was sort of my indulgence back then, when I was in a corporate background. The thing is, I love cars all my life, but just about a year or two ago, I came to realise that it can be terribly inefficient to own a car. In fact, it’s pretty cost ineffective when it comes to servicing a car, especially if it’s a German brand. Therefore, looking into the economics of it, especially when you’re running a startup where money is tight and has to be conserved, you will realize that owning a car can be extremely expensive here. And that’s just one car, if you’re talking about more than one, it’s a different story already.

So, that’s when GoCar became the interim solution for me and my family, between owning a car for myself and allowing me to drive to places when I need to. And it’s all for an affordable rate too. I can still rent a Ferrari, but that’s just too expensive. There’s also Grab, which is another good solution for me; but it doesn’t quite add-up if I’m doing multiple hops, and they’re normally long hops here and there. That’s why GoCar makes more sense for me. Like the other day, I needed to go to Putrajaya and from there, I had to go to a few other places; so, it saved me money and time to just rent a car for a day than to catch multiple rides to-and-fro.

And being a GoCar user, I am provided with a good service. Therefore, I would like to return the favour by making sure that the car I used is clean and tidy for the next person; which is why I sent a GoCar that I rented the other day for a wash before bringing it back. It’s a bit of a pay-it-forward action, and I feel it’s a nice gesture for everyone to practice. After all, it doesn’t cost much for a carwash. At the end of the day, it’s just these little things that we can do to make life a little bit better for the next person.”

Vincent Kok, Puchong  #HumansOfGoCar  #TakeGoCar

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