7 Fun Car Activities While On A Road Trip

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Image by Jalan Susu

Written by Stephen

“Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.” — Emma Chase 🚗

At first glance, travelling for a long distance in a car might seem like an exciting voyage. However, with the passing hours along the long-stretched highway, you are quickly reminded that road trips can get a little dull after some time. 💤

Fret not, for we have put together the ultimate guide to keep yourself and other passengers totally entertained. So, the next time you choose to head for a road trip with your friends or family, try some of these fun games and activities to keep everyone going along the way – making even the longest road trips fun and exhilarating.

Scroll through to see a list of road trip games and activities for a fun-filled adventure that will get you saying good riddance to boredom:

  1. The Alphabet Categories

Image via Tenor

Do you know your A-B-Cs? Of course you do. But what about your general knowledge? 🤔

This game ought to spark some competition amongst the know-it-alls on board. Basically, you just take turns naming things in alphabetical order from a particular category.

How it works:

  • Everyone sets a category for the round (country, fruits, movie titles, etc.)
  • Someone starts to name a thing that fits into the assigned category (beginning with the alphabet A)
  • The next person continues the flow with a thing that begins with the alphabet B
  • The game continues until the end of the alphabet

For example:

Category = Country

  • Person A = “Argentina”
  • Person B = “Brazil”
  • Person C = “Croatia”
  • Person D = “Denmark”
  • Person A = “England”

2. Carpool Karaoke

Image via Pinterest

Pretty sure you’re familiar with this one. Carpool Karaoke is a recurring segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where famous musical guests are invited to sing along to their songs with James Corden while he is driving. 🎤

So, if you’re travelling with your high school (musical) friends, be prepared to hit that solo and sing your hearts out altogether.

How it works:

  • Everyone picks a list of songs to sing together
  • Play the songs over the car radio via Spotify or other channels
  • Everyone unleashes their inner Beyoncé

3. The Movie Game

Image via Tenor

Now, this one right here is for all you movie buffs out there. 🎥

This game will test how much you know your beloved actors, actresses, and movies in general. Essentially, you take turns connecting the actors through movies that they have starred in.

How it works:

  • The game starts with an actor/actress
  • Someone names a movie that actor/actress starred in
  • The next person states another actor/actress from that movie
  • The game continues until someone gets stuck

For example:

Actress = Meryl Streep

  • Person A = “The Devil Wears Prada”
  • Person B = “Anne Hathaway”
  • Person C = “The Intern”
  • Person D = “Robert De Niro”
  • Person A = “Goodfellas”

4. Name That Song

giphy (1).gif
Image via Giphy

Do you know every song on the radio? Have you been called a “walking-Shazam”? 🎶

Well, here’s your chance to prove how much you know your music. Challenge your buddies to see who can name the song the fastest when the beat drops and the lyrics start flowing.

To mix things up a little, try playing a couple of playlists from different genres.

How it works:

  • Everyone selects a playlist and play the songs on shuffle
  • Whoever guesses the song title of each song gets 1 brownie point
  • The game continues until the playlist ends
  • Whoever has the highest points wins the round

5. Three-Word Story

Image via Giphy

This right here, is where your creativity and storytelling ability come to play. 💡

This game is pretty much an improv game where you start a story with three words, and the next person continues with the next three words of the story.

The story can be as hysterical and nonsensical as you wish. Also, you can end the sentence and start a new one if you wish, so long as you use only three words.

How it works:

  • Someone starts the story with three words
  • The next person continues the sentence/story with another three words
  • The game continues until the story comes to a fulfilling end

For example:

  • Person A = “In the land…”
  • Person B = “Far far away…”
  • Person C = “There live a…”
  • Person A = “Fire breathing dragon”
  • Person B = “And its name”
  • Person C = “Is Mordor Blackfire”

6. I Spy

Image via Giphy

“I spy with my little eye …” 👁️

This game needs no introduction. It is perfect for restless children in the backseat, which will keep their minds occupied just about anywhere on and off the road.

Fundamentally, this is simple guessing game where the spy spots an object or subject, and other players will have to guess that particular object or subject.

However, the catch is that the spy will only reveal a little hint of that object or subject. This could be in the form of colour, size, etc.

How it works:

  • Someone picks an object/subject as a target and says, “I spy with my little eye … ” – providing a short description of that object/subject
  • Everyone else will take turns guessing the object/subject
  • Whoever guesses the right object/subject will then becomes the spy and the game continues

7. Podcasts and Audiobooks

giphy (1).gif
Image via answerMug

While it’s fun to play games and listen to music during road trips, sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the entertaining for a change. In this case, podcasts and audiobooks are great alternatives to the joyous and maddening efforts of amusement. 🎧

Yes, it’s a change of pace, but nothing will make the miles fly by like a great podcast or audiobook. After all, podcasts and audiobooks can be funny, entertaining and sweet; yet informative, heartbreaking, and even awe-inspiring at the same time.

That being said, why not opt for an insightful podcast or a comprehensive audiobook for your next journey. After all, you might even learn something new along the way. In parallel,  your kids can also benefit in terms of learning from the educational recordings.

Image via River House Inc.

Moving on, as much as the whole point of a road trip is about the fun stuff that happens along the way, it is also crucial to ensure that you and everyone on board get from A to Z safe and sound.

As we all know, one of the common causes of car accidents on the road is due to lost of focus or control when driving. Such can be the case when the driver’s attention is caught in between driving and engaging with the passengers. 🚧

Therefore, it is vital for everyone to be equally responsible in ensuring that the drive goes smoothly and uninterrupted, especially in the heat of the all fun. Drivers should always be calm and not heavily distracted when driving. Similarly, passengers should maintain the right volume of noise and not go overboard as to disrupt the driver’s focus.

Ultimately, everyone prefers a coloured visual on their screens rather than black-and-white. Likewise, everyone is looking to have fun when travelling with their loved ones. Nevertheless, much acknowledgement is needed to ensure there is a right balance of fun in every road trip, because safety comes first. 😇

That being said, the next time you #TakeGoCar for a road trip, be sure to buckle up, drive safely, and have plenty of fun at the same time.

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