#HumansOfGoCar: Vivian Ding


Written by Stephen

I’m a student from Monash University. I was born here in Perak, but I grew up in Brunei. I came back to Malaysia four years ago to study. I don’t have a car for myself here. To get around places, I’ll usually tumpang (hitch a ride) from my friends or take Grab. The thing is, I’m the kind of person who actually enjoys driving a lot. I’m usually the one driving people around back in Brunei, which is why I miss being behind the wheel now that I’m here. So, it was quite a big thing for me when I found out about GoCar and decided to try it out last November.

I’ve driven my friend’s car before, but never for a long distance. Hence, it was a wonderful experience because I got the chance to drive to Melaka with my roommate, who is also from Brunei. It was her last semester here, and knowing that she wouldn’t have that much of a chance to come back and travel around, we decided to go on a spontaneous mini-graduation road trip to Melaka, just the two of us. We went around trying the food, took plenty of pictures, and then went to the beach. Not forgetting, it was a plus point that I managed to connect my Spotify in the GoCar as it made the drive even more enjoyable.

Ultimately, I believe transportation is a very important aspect when it comes to travelling. For some trips, you don’t really need to stay at some fancy hotel because you’ll only be sleeping there for a few hours and out for the rest of the day. I believe what’s really needed is a good, reliable mode of transportation. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, the journey can be much more worthwhile than the destination; and such is the case for my Melaka trip.

— Vivian Ding, Subang Jaya #HumansOfGoCar #TakeGoCar

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