Chasing the Milky Way with Jalan Susu

“Holding onto the side of a spaceship that’s moving around the Earth at 17,500 miles an hour, I could truly see the astonishing beauty of our planet, the infinite textures and colours. On the other side of me, the black velvet bucket of space, brimming with stars. It’s vast and overwhelming, this visual immersion, and I could drink it in forever…”

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield penned these words on his time in space. And whilst most of us will never command the International Space Station, the galaxies that have mesmerised humankind for millennia continue to captivate, fluttering their bewitching constellations at us.

Image: Jalan Susu

One group of friends fell under this celestial spell in Sekinchan. In the little town on the west coast of Malaysia, their curiosity snowballed into an indefatigable quest to capture the Milky Way’s splendour. The band of photographers and cinematographers have been ricocheting across the country – Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Klebang Beach, Raub, Cape Rachado – shooting a documentary series called “Searching Infinity”. By the time we met co-founders Kyle Low and Zac Lee, their mission had a name. They had christened their intrepid collective… Jalan Susu.* 

Image: Jalan Susu

Kyle and Zac outlined their blossoming aspirations: to discover more of Malaysia’s beauty and to inspire many with it; to share their passion for their art; and to point people towards the light in the darkest of skies. When we found out that Jalan Susu was planning another expedition, we couldn’t wait to jump on board. This time, they were heading to Mersing, a south-eastern coastal town that funnels beach-lovers to Tioman.

Image: Jalan Susu

“Chasing the Milky Way is like fishing,” mused Kyle. “Some days you get the fish, some days there isn’t a bite.” Yet they remained undaunted in their hunger for more magic. Finding joy in the journey, and not just in the destination, is a philosophy we wholeheartedly agree with – road trips are a great reason to take GoCar. And so Jalan Susu set out for Mersing in two of our roomy Renault Capturs, with plenty of space for equipment.

The team’s patience was richly rewarded. Jalan Susu returned with a dazzling gold mine of footage and photos, which they deftly turned into the masterpiece below. We’ll let the film speak for itself.

*For non-Malay speakers: jalan means road; susu means milk.

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