GoCar Surprised Mums for Mother’s Day #GoLove #GoCarMoments

Written by Maria Bernadette

Mother is a one-word poem which beautifully speaks of unconditional love and compassion. That incredible lady devotes her entire life to creating a better world for her precious family. She definitely taught us the greatness of loving and giving our best in everything we do. She is indeed the sheer personification of selflessness. Hence, in conjunction with this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, we the GoCar team went all out to shower these mothers with abundance of love and happiness they truly deserve.

We take pride in our #GoLove movement which continues to bring love to the community by embracing our differences. On 5 May 2018, we went to the homes of 5 lucky GoCar members to surprise their mums with a lovely bouquet of flowers from PURE SEED, a meal for 4 pax at Chaplang Kafe (sponsored by Fave) and a 1-day free GoCar booking! Each surprise was beautiful and heart-warming in its own way. Intrigued to know what went down? Keep reading…

Khairul (second from right) and his family.

Surprise 1: The Loving Son (Khairul Nidzom, GoCar Member 1)

It was like any other Saturday morning for Khairul’s mum, but little did she know that her three sons were about to sweep her off her feet with a surprise of a lifetime.“I have not received flowers for a really long time now since the demise of my husband,” these were the words uttered by Puan Aidi with tears of joy. Aww…so touching! *sobs silently*

Puan Aidi and her sons sure did establish a cordial and relaxed atmosphere for us to mingle and get closer to the family. Shortly after the surprise, she disclosed that her sons are religious about bringing her to places during the weekend. “I sincerely thought they were ushering me out for breakfast,” she said with a smile. 

To magnify the celebration, Khairul’s family was joined by his wife and his mother-in-law for a scrumptious meal at Chaplang Kafe. The joyous double celebration got even more special through an entrance made by their grandchildren. The little ones merrily walked into the dining area with bright-coloured balloons for their beautiful grandmas. It was a lovely sight of one big happy family! ❤

Geetha (third from left) and her family.

Surprise 2: Mum’s Happy Girl (Geetha, GoCar Member 2)

Madam Thevi is a stay-at-home person who finds tranquility within the confines of her home. “My mum rarely goes out, so today I had to make sure she wears her best dress for a surprise she had no clue of,” said Geetha with a beaming smile. “It was difficult to persuade my mum as she was reluctant, but somehow I convinced her by saying my colleagues are coming over,” she added. Good one! 😉

Geetha along with her husband and two handsome sons were eagerly looking forward to our visit ever since they were notified. It was indeed an eventful weekend for her family. They went to several places with GoCar to maximise their early Mother’s Day celebration. A simple visit to her in-laws’ place in Rawang gradually developed into a mini road trip. Here’s how it went: Rawang -> Kuala Kubu Bharu -> Frasers Hill (a mountain village in Pahang) -> Rawang. Isn’t that amazing?

Bravo to Geetha and family for augmenting the GoCar experience! 

Khairul (first from left) and his family.

Surprise 3: The Oh-So-Sweet Son (Khairul Khairuddin, GoCar Member 3)

Upon knowing that he is one of the winners for our Mother’s Day campaign, Khairul perceived it as a perfect opportunity for a day out with his family. Hence, he collaborated with his sister to start off the surprise with a family lunch at Hotel Maya. “I called up my sister to let her know about the pleasant news and to jointly organise a day out with my mum and dad,” shared happily by Khairul with one of our team members.

We eagerly anticipated Puan Jamaliah’s arrival at the hotel’s lobby, literally hiding behind one of the poles. She was deeply touched by our simple gesture which made her feel special and loved. She was all smiles as she thanked us and her children countless times by exchanging hugs. Kudos to her son for working in unison with us on this. 🙂

Oh wait! Did we mention that she and her husband requested for a “kiss kiss boomerang shot”? Yes! They were that adorable!

P.S. You can check out our Instagram Stories Highlights for the video.

William (first from left) and his family.

Surprise 4: A Proud Mum’s Son (William Toh, GoCar Member 4)

“This genuinely is a surprise to me and that too coming from William,” exclaimed Madam Lim. She was totally moved as surprises were something her elder son would pull off but not William. She couldn’t believe her eyes! “My son told me to get dressed without a reason. Although I was unwilling at first, I however wore a pretty blouse,” she joyfully remarked.

The early Mother’s Day celebration had Madam Lim bursting with excitement as she proudly spoke about her sons and the rest of her family members. She was exceptionally proud of her adorable little granddaughter who by all odds stole the spotlight. The little angel was the first person to greet us along with William. ❤

RongRong (second from right) and her family.

Surprise 5: A Mother-To-Be & Her Mum (RongRong Toh, GoCar Member 5)

“Lately, I’ve been receiving many surprises from RongRong and here’s another significant one,” revealed Madam Wendy with a gleeful laugh. Our presence at her doorstep was something she did not see coming. When she watched us making our way into her house with a bouquet of flowers, she was totally astounded and lost for words.

“Could you please get me a vase to display these beautiful flowers?” these were the words from Madam Wendy to her baby girl who she sees as a truly obedient daughter. As a matter of fact, they were in love with the flowers. Like mother, like daughter!

In a couple of months, Madam Wendy will be witnessing her daughter’s moments of becoming a mother. During this momentous period before the arrival of the family’s precious bundle of joy, the surprise was definitely the icing on the cake.

Happiness lies in making others happy. We’d like to thank all of our 5 lucky GoCar members and their families for making this year’s Mother’s Day celebration a monumental success!

If you’re already feeling emotional reading this article, elevate the experience by watching the video below. A wonderful emotional journey guaranteed! Also, if you’d like to see more events alike from our team, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page. We take this terrific opportunity to wish all mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

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