Defying the Traditional Career Path Like a Boss!

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The face of confidence and beauty.  🙂

Written by Maria Bernadette

Estimated reading time: 1 min 20 sec

“Good support system helps you to be more resilient during tough times” – Wise words from our very own Senior Business Development Executive, Maathinii Vasanthan.

Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the International Medical University (IMU), it was no child’s play for her to go down a career path that was outside of her speciality. With sheer determination and the hunger to learn the unknown, Maathinii at present plays a pivotal role in the GoCar family after kickstarting her career as a recruitment consultant.

Exactly a week ago, we had the privilege to witness her 30-minute talk organised by IMU’s Entrepreneur Club. During the sharing session, Maathinii shared her experiences of how she chose to defy the traditional career path when job prospects were limited following her graduation. We were like proud parents watching her shine like a diamond in front of a huge crowd. Thank you for doing us proud!

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Imparting her knowledge generously to all participants of the sharing session.

For Maathinii, being in the business development department means you’re the face of the company or in other words, you’re the ambassador. Hence, you need to put yourself out there. As you continue to read, you might have these questions lingering in your mind:

  1. How did she pull it off with limited knowledge in a new industry?
  2. What kept her going despite all the failures faced during her early days?

“When you’re new in the industry, it’s not easy to persuade people to trust your words. You’d get slammed with rejections many times, but you can easily bounce back if you have a good support system,” said the 25-year-old who sees GoCar as her pillar of support.

Apart from budding as an individual in the GoCar team, Maathinii has also proved that with the right attitude, acquiring skills your job requires is not at all impossible if you’ve set your mind to it. At GoCar, our conviction is that attitude wins over skills.

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The customary group photo with some of the GoCar family members.

Bravo, Maathinii and keep doing what you do best! We love you! ❤ #GoCarCulture

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