Book a Sponsored GoCar at a Lower Rate!

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Written by Maria Bernadette

Estimated reading time: 50 sec

If you’ve always wanted to #TakeGoCar (Renault Captur) at a lower rate, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Book a sponsored GoCar by Touch n’ Go eWallet by the hour, day, week or month:

  • RM16.90/hour
  • RM169/day
  • RM1,183/week
  • RM5,070/month

What is a sponsored GoCar and how can you benefit from it? A sponsored car comes with an exterior that is wrapped with an ad for brand exposure. While providing our partner (Touch n’ Go eWallet) with the ad space, we are able to lower the rate for your next GoCar experience.

Sounds like a good deal to you? Here are two ways to spot and book a sponsored GoCar within our mobile app:

  1. On Map View, look out for the Touch n’ Go eWallet marker to identify the location of the sponsored GoCar.
  2. On List View, watch out for the actual photo of the sponsored GoCar when you scroll down the list. You’ll come across an indicator which reads ’Sponsored by Touch n’ Go eWallet’.

Isn’t that simple? Download the latest version (3.0.0 onwards) of the GoCar app to book a GoCar at a lower rate for your next trip! Behold the beauty of Peninsular Malaysia!

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