Balik Kampung with A Nissan Almera for Only RM69/day

Written by Anne Lee

Creating memorable moments don’t have to be expensive. And just last month, we launched our first weekday promotion for our Nissan Almera in which you can book one for only RM79/day. While that has come to an end, we have a new promotion coming right up!

So during this Raya season, why don’t you treat your family to a comfortable ride when you make your way back home? Starting from 16 May 2019 to 20 June 2019, save RM20 when you book a Nissan Almera with us (RM69/day) on weekdays*. We’ve also expanded to two new states (Negeri Sembilan and Perak), so come and try us out!

Here’s the list of our new rates for you to plan your trip ahead:

Hourly rates: Weekdays RM6.90, Weekends RM9.90

Daily rates: Weekdays RM69.00, Weekends RM99.00

Monthly rate (for 30 days): RM1,980.00

*Please note that our weekday promotional rate is valid from Monday 12.00am to Thursday 11.59pm. Our weekend starts from Friday 12.00am to Sunday 11.59pm.

Terms & Conditions

  • Booking period: From 16 May 2019 to 20 June 2019
  • Travelling period: Anytime
  • Weekday promotional rate is valid from Monday 12.00am – Thursday 11.59pm.
  • Weekend promotional rate is valid from Friday 12.00am – Sunday 11.59pm.
  • The rates are subject to 6% SST.
  • For bookings that cut across a weekday to weekend period (Thursday to Friday), the weekday rates shall apply within a 24-hour period starting from the first hour of booking on Thursday. Similarly, for weekend to weekday periods (Sunday to Monday), the weekend rates shall apply.
  • Reservations rescheduled/transferred from the previous promotional period to the current promotional period are NOT allowed. 
  • Extension of GoCar booking from the previous promotional period to the current promotional period is allowed and members will be entitled to the new rates.
  • Download version 3.3.2 of the GoCar Malaysia app on your iOS or Android device today to view the promotional rates.
  • Our full Terms & Conditions apply.

29 Replies to “Balik Kampung with A Nissan Almera for Only RM69/day”

    1. Hey Aaron, yes we do! And all of our locations can be found in the List View (bottom right corner of the page) in our GoCar app. Just search for Langkawi and it’ll show you the specific locations.


    1. Hi Joshua, we do not have a mileage limit for this offer since petrol is not included in daily rates. So do remember to refuel the car to the level you started with before ending your session. To have a better understanding, you can check out our FAQ at

      As mentioned in the post, our weekday promotional rate is valid from Monday 12.00am to Thursday 11.59pm so you can start driving anytime between the aforementioned time. Hope this helps!


  1. You mentioned above that there is not mileage limit but the FAQ said there is a 15km limit for per hour booking and RM 0.50 charge for exceeding that limit


    1. Hi Seem, yes, you are right. For an hourly rate, there is a 15km mileage limit and a RM0.50 charge for exceeding that limit. And as for the daily rate, there is no mileage limit (petrol not included). I hope this clears up the confusion!


    1. Yes, we do offer a one-way trip from KL to Johor and vice versa in which you can take your car from point A and drop it off at point B. We are working on more locations so please stay tuned!


    1. Yes, as long as your booking is made anytime before 20 June 2019, you’ll still be able to enjoy this promo in mid August.


    1. Thank you for your interest, Yenny! For more detailed information, please check out our GoCar app as it will calculate the rates for you.


  2. Is the rm69/day Almera valid in Johor from June 3-6, 2019? Booking thru through the GoCar App? Thanks for prompt reply.


    1. Hey Jackson, we are running this promo on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) only so I’m afraid the RM69 promo isn’t applicable on the 22nd of June as it falls on a Saturday. Please feel free to check out our blog post above for more information! 🙂


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