GoCar Subscription: Are You Ready to Ditch Your Personal Car?

Update: GoCar Subscription promotion has been extended until 9 March 2020. We’ve also added new car models to our selection. For more information, please see “My Monthly Subscription Includes…” category.

Written by Anne Lee

Like the Kazakh’s nomadic culture that centered on horses as a mode of transport and food, car ownership is crucial to many Malaysians. While ownership was once a signifier of adulthood and success, to many younger professionals nowadays, the notion of owning nothing is the new luxury despite having disposable income. “I think there’s a value that’s been placed on intelligence and being smart about how you spend your money and that has also coincided with the rise of the sharing economy,” explained Jennifer Hyman, Rent the Runway’s chief executive to The New York Times.  In other words, for those who prefer the experience without committing to purchases, GoCar Subscription might just be your solution. 

So, GoCar Subscription…

Similar to the likes of Netflix and Spotify, GoCar Subscription is a vehicle subscription service. So instead of forking out a hefty upfront payment or tied down to a multi-year car lease, you have the option to cancel your subscription whenever. A refundable deposit of RM2,500 will also be charged to your account when your subscription begins.

My monthly subscription includes…

For a simple monthly subscription fee, you will have access to vehicles such as the Nissan Almera (RM1,600/month), Nissan Serena S-Hybrid (RM3,300), and Renault Captur (RM2,500/month). If you’re worried about the extras – insurance, road tax, maintenance, mileage and roadside assistance – don’t be, because they are already included in the cost. To pick up your GoCar, schedule an appointment with our customer representative and head over to GoCar Malaysia HQ

Because we like to save the best for last… 

Take 50% off your first month (comes with a 3-month commitment) when you sign up for GoCar Subscription between 10 July 2019 and 9 October 2019; for those who prefer the flexibility to cancel your subscription any time, you can opt for the monthly subscription option. All you need to do is to register via GoCar Subscription’s website and our customer representative will be in touch with you. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Must be a registered GoCar member.
  • Additional drivers are allowed but you would need to add them during the sign-up process as add-on drivers after the sign-up process will not be accepted. Maximum add-ons are 2 people and they need to be a registered GoCar member to qualify. 
  • Deposit is refundable as long as the GoCar member serves his/her minimum commitment period, no further damages done to the vehicle or owes any outstanding payment.
  • There will not be any proration/refunds if the car is returned earlier than the contracted 3-month period.
  • There will not be any proration/refunds if the car is returned earlier than the contracted 1-month period.
  • Subscription can be put on hold temporarily minimum for a 1-month period and maximum for 3-month period.
  • Monthly payment via bank transfer. Details of the bank transfer will be provided once the sign-up process is completed.
  • All rates are exclusive of SST and subject to change.
  • Refund method is via GoPocket points for any excess charges. 
  • Refer to our GoCar Subscription FAQ page for more information. 

7 Replies to “GoCar Subscription: Are You Ready to Ditch Your Personal Car?”

  1. This awesome but the monthly comittment after the 50% discount quite expensive. Looking for a better and affordable price.


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