We’re Doing A Thing with Starbucks!

Written by Anne Lee

Let’s keep this short and sweet because we’re busy and important individuals here.

If you’re a chronic addict, like me, my day is never complete without caffeine. I’m supposed to cut that out this year but just a few seconds ago, I’ve decided to postpone it to 2020. Or maybe 2040. We’ll see about that.

I digress. Anyways, here’s what you’ll do. Book a GoCar at 5 of these Starbucks Drive-Thru stores (list below) and you can take 10% off any handcrafted beverage or food. By the way, it’s only applicable while stock lasts. Gotta lay the T&Cs out. 


Tanjung Tokong

Juru R&R


Kota Kemuning


Seri Austin

Bandar Seri Alam

I’m also thrilled to announce that the places listed above are our new GoCar locations. So go and spread the good news of GoCar with your friends and family! Until then, don’t rage and drive. 

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